Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Product Review: Biolage UHB

Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Conditioning Balm. (HydraTherapie Line)

When I initially moved to Atlanta, I went to a salon that used this conditioner on dry hair before shampooing.
The stylist kept telling me how great my hair felt after the treatment. I thought she was trying to get me to buy the product so I just smiled and nodded.
When I got home, I researched the product reviews and after getting a general consensus, I ordered it online. I had to see how well it would hold up at home.
After using it for my steam treatments, I knew it was a definite keeper.
The consistency was just right-not too light or heavy. It made my hair more manageable and soft, the smell was fresh not strong and overbearing, and I had less breakage. I had no complaints.
This is an overall great moisturizing conditioner.
I'm still in the experimenting stages when it comes to my moisturizing conditioners but if I don't find anything better (and I haven't), this is my old faithful. Love it!