Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cheaper Alternative: Steam Treatments

I just finished watching a documentary on CNN called I.O.U.S.A. It was about America's financial crisis: how we got here, who got us here, & what steps the American people should take.
The documentary featured an SNL skit in which Steve Martin and Amy Poehler parody an American family struggling with debt. An "expert" gives them a book with a simple title. "Don't buy stuff you cannot afford". The book's straight forward message was something seemingly incomprehensible to Steve.
So here I am, thinking about the new flat iron, steamer and dryer that I want to buy. The guilt always sets in. Can I afford this? Do I need this? It's this hesitation that keeps me from spending beyond my means-lately. Sure it would be great to have these new things, but right now, for my particular situation, it's not smart.
The D.I.Y Steam treatment has been doing the job just fine. For the cheapest ultimate moisturizing experience:
-Apply your favorite oils or moisturizing DC or both to your hair (this is great for hot oil treatments)
-Take a hot steaming towel an wrap it around your head
-Place a shower cap over it.
-Repeat steps 2&3
-Sit under a heat source (heating cap is okay if you can fit)
-Remove after 15-30 mins

*Turbie towels can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.
*Steam treatments should not be overdone, this can lead to moisture overload.