Monday, January 26, 2009

Experimental "Straw set"

This weekend, I was in a very experimental mood. I don't know what brought on this sudden bout of boldness but in the midst of it all, my eyes landed on some old straws and an unused bottle of S-curl purchased during my days of stalking Aijo's fotki.
I've never tried roller-setting of any kind and I have no reason for using any particular product. I just winged it- curious to see what the end result would look like, and prepared for a hot mess.

On freshly washed and conditioned hair I sprayed water (to smooth), CHI keritan mist leave in, and applied S-curl. I did two strand twists and rolled the hair onto straws securing with a pin. I only did the front of my head. My inexperience was evident because as I was rolling, my twist was unraveling in the opposite direction.
After air drying for about 6hrs, I took out the straws.

The reason I even bothered to show you this mess is because I think it would be an excellent style for transitioners . There's no heat involved and if mastered it can turn out super cute. I'm highly motivated to go on a perm-rod shopping spree because I think they'll yield much better results.

The spirals came out defined and had a lot of hold. A

I tried messing them up but they were very tight because of the short straws
so I smoothed it back with my hands and put on a kinky half wig. My hair is still really soft.
Probably from the S-curl.

With practice, maybe my hair can come out like these two women.