Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heat Styled Naturals: The Obama Girls

You can only fully appreciate the enormity of a historic moment when you take a look at the past struggles of a people.
People fought and died for this day so future generations wouldn't see anything impossible about a black man being the leader of the free world.
It's possible. Anything is possible.

Here's Johnny Wright on Michelle Obama's heat styled hair:

I say go back to basics and just keep it simple. Sometimes I flat-iron her hair under, or I use a ceramic curling iron to flip it out at the ends a little bit. With a flat iron she’s going to be able to lock the moisture in the hair. Because she has to get her hair done so often, the flat iron is probably the best tool for her. For an updo, I might do some cascading curls according to how formal the event she’s attending is, but mostly I give her a clean sweep up.

Also, to keep her hair moisturized, I use the Shea Butter conditioner from Fekkai and Glossing Cream. It really keeps the hair moisturized. And Fekkai Coiff Anti-Frizz creme is excellent for that. It’s probably one of my favorite products.