Friday, January 2, 2009

Heat Styled Natural: Beyonce

A transition to natural.

Beyonce had long type 3 hair as a child. She relaxed her hair as an adolescent but her performance days as a youth began to take a tole on her tresses. Tina Knowles on Beyonce's transition:
It took Beyonce about two years to grow the relaxer out. She couldn't afford to cut her hair off and start from scratch, so we cut her hair a little above her shoulders and trimmed the ends as we went along. Wearing braids during the transition period really protected her hair onstage and saved her style from sweat disaster. When she had to wear it straight for an awards show or appearance, we pressed her hair and used a flat iron. Her hair is not as easy to manage as she thought it would be. Sometimes we curl her hair with a curling iron to give it a softer look. When she had the relaxer, coloring made her hair so fragile. Now, because her hair isn't double processed, she lightens the front without causing much damage
Beyonce's hair has probably gone through hell and back dealing with a performer who hasn't stopped to sit down in years. The end result is short, thin hair. As much as I love this hard working, ambitious heat styled natural in all her fabulousness, I can't help but use her as hardcore evidence that no amount of money, no miracle stylist, no celebrity Trichologist, no magic pill and no super grow product can supplement for healthy hair care pratices. Nothing can dramatically counteract the damage that lack of caring for your hair causes. Nothing.