Thursday, January 8, 2009

Caffeine-Free Green Tea?

There are some unsubstantiated but still promising reports of Green Tea's ability to curb hair loss and even bring about hair growth.
Green Tea contains about a third the amount of caffeine of the average cup of coffee. Caffeine is said to hinder hair growth.
To avoid these headache- provoking, contradictory findings, I asked myself, "Why not go with decaff?"
Of course, it's never that simple. The USDA conducted studies which found that decaffeinated Green Tea contains less than one third of the catechins of the regular tea. Catechins are the main antioxidants and without them the health benefits of Green Tea become insignificant. You know I'm not drinking it for the taste!
-The best way to get the most out of Green Tea is to buy and brew the leaves. They can be brewed up to three times, it contains less caffeine and more Theanine, which decaffeinates the tea naturally.
-That's just not practical for most of us so, organic Green Tea bags it is!