Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who doesn't love a bun!?

How old were you when you fell in love with the Ballerina bun? It's quite possible that the woman who delivered me was wearing a bun when I was pulled out of the womb, because I cant remember a time when I didn't love a bun.

The bun is so versatile. High, low, centered, tight, loose, messy-from the gym to the ballroom, a bun always works.

The bun for growth challenge on LHCF is very popular but for me it's not practical. I would have to brush the hell out of my thick wet hair to get a somewhat decent natural bun. If I do it on fresh, sleek flat ironed hair I would achieve great styles. But, who flat-irons their natural hair to put it in a bun? Nobody-not immediately at least. When I try a bun on week 2 flat ironed hair, it comes out okay, but I can feel the stress on my hairline from having to pull it back tight. By then, my hair would already be a little fuller. Also, when taking down the band I notice a few strands of broken hair. I think that's where
some people run into problems with buns and ponytails.

Rock that gorgeous bun, but if you notice your hairline receding and strands without the bulb coming out when you take your hair down, you should let that bun go:(