Friday, March 6, 2009

Back to Natural.

I found a great piece on Associated Content about black women returning to natural hair. Click here to read it and check out some of the comments.

It's interesting how history repeats different versions of itself. Women during the 60's and 70's who wore their natural hair as a symbol of black pride probably didn't envision that a few years later 80% of black females would be relaxed again.

Is this natural movement just a result of the the cyclical recurrence of boredom and changing fashion trends or is something different going on here? Is it too early to tell whether this is a phase or a revolution? Are we leaving behind the black pride argument and simply leaving it up to our aesthetic choice or convenience? Are we more health conscious? Are we more informed on hair care? What if a safer straightening agent is developed? Are we more accepting?

Do you have a different perspective?