Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maintaining Straight Hair.

You can stretch relaxers, why not heat-styled natural hair?
Here are a few of my tips and tricks to making the straight look last:

-When you shower at night or in the morning, your scarf and your shower cap can't leave your head, especially if your bathroom resembles a sauna when you're showering. Make sure all of your strands are hidden underneath your tightly secured scarf before you put on the plastic cap.

-When it's raining, foggy, humid or any other indication of precipitation, opt for a sleek bun. I usually put on a dab of oil, serum or moisture block before styling. A well-prepared heat-styled natural may also Google her local weather forecast for the week and anticipate having to carry a stylish scarf or hoodie, elastic band and mini-umbrella.

-Try to avoid getting water on your edges when doing your face washing routine. The soap can dry out the hairline and the water will cause it to revert. It took lots of practice but I've become really good at rinsing my face, with my eyes open, in sections.

-If I have to use a product that contains Humectants or a water-based moisturizer, I rub it into my hands and apply a very light amount to the strands before applying a drop of oil.

-I keep my straight style in for, at the very least, 2 weeks. Throughout the week I'm not heavy handed with products and if I feel like my scalp is getting oily I'll use a rag (pointed into a finger shape) or a q-tip dipped in diluted Apple Cider Vinegar to clean my scalp.