Saturday, February 7, 2009

Patience is key

Last night was definitely a test of my patience. I went to bed after 5 in the morning doing my hair-granted I started after 1.

When I wear a half wig I keep the back of my head in braids, the braids usually stay in for 4-6 weeks. Sometimes 2 weeks if I feel like playing with my hair or doing something different but for the most part it's around 1 month. I'll wash and condition as usual and I normally don't have any issues when I want to take my hair down. This is a low maniupulation method.

Something was different this week. In the first pic my braid resembles a lock (lol). It was matted! I've never experienced that and I've been doing this for about 6 months on and off.
I had to bust out a squirt bottle with diluted conditioner, another spray bottle with water, Jojoba oil and S-curl . I tried my best to detangle with my hands, working section by section first, but it wasn't working out well so I heavily relied on the comb.

The only thing I changed in my regimen was the Blackstrap Molasses. Maybe it wasn't the smartest decision for me to do a sticky treatment in braids.
I had a little more breakage than I was prepared to cope with. You live, you learn.