Thursday, February 12, 2009

Youtubers We Love: Lov3sponge

I stumbled upon Lov3sponge a couple days ago. She's sweet and fun and I look forward to more vlogs from her. Seeing her vlog with her hair straightened was a little eye opening for me.
How does a change in appearance affect you?
One thing I noticed about having my hair straightened is that I tend to carry myself differently. My demeanor changes. I once referred to the first day my co-workers saw me with my hair straightened as my "shut it down, don't sleep on me" day. I pretended to ignore the stares and passively answered questions about whether it was real and what I "do to it". Inside I was beaming with my pride. My posture may have even straightened up a little.
It's not that I'm ashamed of my natural texture. Don't get me wrong, I once was. But, I'm really just getting acquainted with the "how-to's" of my natural texture. I heat-styled about every 2- 3 weeks non stop for six years at the hairdressers because my mother didnt have time for my hair anymore and I couldn't manage it.
Today, I know more, I continue learning and I love the versatility of both. Still, there's something about that first day of heat-styled hair that brings something out in me. It may be because natural hair doesn't really show off it's true length, or because I enjoy swinging and flinging it when someone comes up to talk to me or it may be the "ear tuck". Whatever it is, it affects me to a certain degree (even if it's superficial and meaningless).
How does it affect you? Does it make no difference to you either way? Do you feel the need make sure your clothes are on point? Do you feel fake? Does it make you miss your texture more? Are you more confident? Louder? More shy? How does it change you, if at all?