Monday, February 9, 2009

Bored with protective styling...

so I switched to another protective style.

I really didn't know what to do with my hair this weekend. I've been wanting braids (extensions) but I'm very hesitant when it comes to a fine tooth comb, an unprofessional braider- focused on speed and unconcerned with healthy techniques- and second day hair tangles. Not to mention the $150-$200 price tag.
The half wig was
seriously depressing me. I started to feel...just down. That's what lack of variety can do to a person. But I was inspired by a youtube video that I saw of a girl braiding her natural hair in small individual braids. I remember how much I really enjoyed braiding my dolls hair as a child. So in the spirit of doing-it-yourself, I went to task.

After deep conditioning, I did the tension blow dry method on cool, added leave-in, then started small-medium sized single braids in the front and back, trying out some Carol's Daughter products as I went along.
It knew I'd probably get lazy and start doing them large so that's why I went small around the perimeter.
Not to toot my own horn but, the braids were coming out really neat and uniform and it got me excited about potentially seeing how it would come out with extensions if I did it myself. I think I have a general sense of the technique after watching some tutorials.

I'll keep learning until I build my confidence then give it a try with some cheap braids.
We'll see
**3 people asked if it was my hair at work. (Kool-aid smile)