Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The BSM Experience

It was everything everyone said it would be. I noticed:
-Less breakage
-Soft yet strong feel
-Looser curl (temporary)
-Easier detangling

The negatives:
-The evidence of my Blackstrap Molasses Experience is all over my beige rugs in the bathroom
-It stained my shirt
-My 9 year old brother refused to go into the bathroom until every trace of BSM was cleared from the sink. I was in such a haste that I missed a spot. He's such a diva.

My method:
I poured some BSM into an old conditioner tub, added some EVCO and Aussie moist conditioner. I didnt measure. I just mixed and added to get a semi thick consistency and when I realized it wasnt going to get any thicker without me adding more product that was likely to be wasted, I stopped. I did a prepoo w/ just Organix tea tree conditioner, then I shampood with Nexxus Therappe and clarified w/ baking soda to make sure I got the full effect of the BSM treatment.

Overall- The mess is a little discouraging for the potential of adding it into my weekly rotation. The results alone would cause me to use it when I feel like I need a special treatment or when I'm in the mood for that mess again. It may be better as a pre-poo because it's humectant capabilities dont seem to be as potent as honey.
Love the immediate results. Hate the mess.