Thursday, December 25, 2008

Refined vs Extra Virgin.

Which is the better purchase?
Spectrum's Refined Coconut Oil from Publix or Emerald Laboratories Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil from GNC.
The former is about $9 for 14 oz., the latter about $13 for 16 oz.
Manufacturer's of coconut oil say there is no distinction between virgin and extra virgin coconut oil as there is with olive oil. However, refined-expeller pressed coconut oil is said to be inferior as it loses it's rich smell and sweet taste. I have purchased and tried both of these products and now know these statements to be true. The GNC brand has a lighter consistency and penetrates easily into my hair so well that I don't use it to seal and I know of another fab heat styled natural who uses it to moisturize.
I learned my lesson. I still have 85% of the refined coconut oil in my product junkie pile. Always go for the all natural unrefined grade when it comes to oils for your hair and scalp.