Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pure Hype?

By now we've all seen the infomercials.
Well, it seems that the marketing geniuses behind Wen hair care products have simply found a highly exaggerated sales pitch to capitalize on the "sulfate free cleansing" movement.
There is nothing original or ground-breaking about Chaz's products and I recently found a Beauty Brains article that dismissed this product as nothing more than a co-wash. Beauty Brains further went on to say that similar results can be achieved with drug store brand cheapie conditioners like Suave and Vo5.
Lesson: I was curious about this $28 dollar a bottle product not too long ago, but years of empty promises kept me from grabbing my credit card. Always question products that make revolutionary claims. Do your research and most of the time you'll stumble upon a piece of information that let's you know it's just pure hype.