Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Major: Deep Conditioning

It has preventative and restorative functions. It's a necessity. Period.

The greatest change in the manageability and elasticity of my hair is most definitely due to deep conditioning consistently.
Having been dependent on a hairdresser for many years, I thought of deep conditioning as a special extra $20 treatment that I only had to do once a month. It was only recommended to me once a month. At home, conditioning was using the partner that came with the shampoo on sopping wet hair for the 2-3 minutes directed. The use of sulfate-laden shampoos and heat-styling tools should always be preceded by and followed with a conditioning treatment that provides moisture and strength appropriately.

The most difficult thing initially will be recognizing when your hair needs a specific treatment i.e oils, moisture, protein or cholesterol. That's why it's important to become an expert on our own hair and not a just copy our hair idols.

I thought I knew how to deep condition when I first started this journey. I was wrong. Mimicking my old hair dresser did nothing for my hair. Here's what I changed:

-Give the DCing process it's due respect: I hop out of the shower after squeezing out excess water, lightly pat with a towel and apply conditioner in sections. This is one of the best tips that I've learned. Removing the excess water allows the conditioner to penetrate better and applying it in sections ensures that I haven't neglected patches of hair.

-The cold water rinse: It closes the cuticles and helps to seal in the moisture.

Make sure you have a deliberate and effective deep conditioning experience. :)

BTW, Shout out to CHAKA who so wonderfully pointed out that the header had been misspelled for months. Smh @ anyone who saw and didn't say anything lol.

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