Friday, March 4, 2011

State of the Union 2011 :)


So after my hair reached the longest it's ever been in my life, I stopped "going hard". No more half-wigs, no more braid extensions, no more long stretches of protective styling with a hardcore moisturizing regimen. I was over it. Bored with it. Done.

Right now I've just started my spring break and I plan on straightening for the first time since late last year. I want to do it right before I go back to school. I'm nervous and excited to see the "State of the Union" if you will. What effect will the deviation from last years regimen have on my progress. Will there be any significant progress? Regress? I'm not going to kid you, my expectations are low. I know that my strict, protective-style-heavy regimen was a major factor in my length retention.

Anyway, we shall soon see...