Tuesday, June 8, 2010

*Late* May Update.

Ive gained more thickness from leaving my hair alone.
It's not for everyone but I do protective styles that dont have to be detangled on wash day i.e braids/cornrows under a half-wig . I also only comb on wash day. Low- manipulation has been KEY for me.

Other than that my steamer and my seamless comb help with losing less hair and my regimen is pretty simple now: I always pre-poo under a heat cap w/ olive oil or coconut oil then detangle(which reminds me! I dont detangle with conditioner. I detangle with oil because I have fine strands). Wash w/ shampoo (in Celie plaits- not loyal to any brand), do an ACV rinse and DC. Im a fan of AOHSR and Aveda DR.